Carta Celeste No Seu Website

Generate a Celestial Chart Sky Map to embed on your website. You can create a fixed sky map, or one that will be updated every time a user return to your page. Choose the options bellow, and click on the button "Generate Embed Code" to have the code and see an example of what you'll have.

Your position is not set yet.

Go to  Set Location  and set your location,

so we'll be able to show the things on your sky.

Fixed on bellow date Date on the moment of visit
Date and Time of the Sky:
Year: Month: Day: Time: h m s
Appearence of Your Chart:
Amount of Stars: Data on Chart: Color: Size:
Up to Mag. 4.0
Up to Mag. 5.0
Star's Names
Constelation's Lines
Constelation's Names
Planets, Sun and Moon
Constelation's Boundaries
Black and White

Copy the code and paste it on your website. You should see the bellow sky map there.

If you have any problem using the code, or any sugestion or request, please contact us.