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Moon Phases

This page generates a table including date, time, and constellation that the Moon is going to be in in each of its phases for the year you choose, any year between 1000 and 9998. This table starts off with New Moon but when the first moon of the year isn’t New, the table reverses back to the latest New Moon of the previous year, hence the Moon Phase marking the beginning of the Moon calendar year. Following the same logic, the table ends with the last Full Moon for cycle completion purpose. Should the Julian calendar year not end with a Full Moon, this table will end with the first Full Moon of the following Julian calendar year Note that the time provided are local time, thus, do not forget to add the Daylight Saving Time in the summer. As this table provides the exact position of the moon in the sky as it goes into new phases, it is necessary to inform the epoch for precession correction. Most celestial map systems utilizes the years 1950 or 2000 for precession correction purposes. Should you want the most current information, leave the default option, 2000.
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